Do you love Biotechnology? Do you spend your spare time delving into interesting and mind-boggling Biotechnology facts? Then try your hand at these few questions. Maybe they are childishly simple……then again maybe they are not!!

1. The branch of science that involves the detailed study of the Body’s response to foreign agents such as Viruses, Bacteria etc is   known as:

A)Genetic Engineering    B)Oncology C)Immunology D)Virology

2. The following are organs of the Immune System in Humans:

A)The Heart and Lungs B)The Spleen and Thymus C)The Liver and Pancreas    D)The Kidney and Gall Bladder

3. What will I call a Substance that cannot induce formation of an antibody in the host, but can combine with a specific antibody     after it has been produced?

A)Antigen    B)Allergen     C)Virus D)Hapten

4. If I happen to acquire a Viral infection and my body responds by producing Cytotoxic T-Lymphoctyes, What branch of my immune system has been activated?

A)Humoral   B)Toxic C)Cell Mediated Immune Response

5. If my Immune System reacts against the cells and tissues of my own body, I might get any one of a range of disorders such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosis. What are such disorders collectively known as?

A)Viral Diseases    B)Systemic Diseases C)Autoimmune Disorders D)Endemic Diseases


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