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For all those who were waiting with bated breath for the first ever Human Embryonic stem cell (HESC) phase I clinical trials to begin, well there’s good news. On the 30th of July 2010, the US based Geron Corporation announced the FDA’s approval to its HESC based clinical trials in humans. The announcement comes after a year-long set-back to the proposed trials, after the company discovered during some of its tests that the rats treated with the stem cell line developed cysts. This set off a spate of further tests to ensure efficacy and safety of the therapy. After a year, the company seems to have effectively allayed fears of tumorigenicity and has obtained a green signal from the US FDA and will be beginning the first human trials of Human Embryonic stem cell therapy in the world.

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We have all heard of stem cells. These are the magical ‘starter cells’ that have the capacity to grow into any type of differentiated cell of the adult body. If given optimal growth conditions and with some amount of external hormonal supplementation, theoretically one can induce these multi-potent cells to grow into say liver cells, or brain cells for that matter.

The discovery of this unique potential of these cells led to the probability of using them for therapy. What If these stem cells could be harvested and grown externally in a medium and then transplanted into patients having a chronic dysfunction of cells or organs systems? This would indeed be a much-needed breakthrough in the field of therapeutics. Thus was born the idea of Stem Cell Therapy. The process of injecting stem cells into a person or organism to repair specific tissues or to grow organs is known as Stem Cell Therapy.

Over the years Stem cell research has progressed significantly and the latest news in this field stands testimony to the hard work and relentless research of scientists working in this field. The ReNeuron Group on the second of February, 2010, announced that the UK Gene Therapy Advisory Committee (GTAC) has given a “full and final Favorable Opinion to ReNeuron’s proposed first-in-man clinical trial with its ReN001 stem cell therapy for stroke.”  The GTAC is the national research ethics committee for gene therapy and stem cell therapy clinical trials in the UK. The ReNeuron Company is a Guildford (UK) based stem cell research company. This approval represents the final stage in a long process the company has been going to through to gain approval to test its expanded neural stem cell line on patients suffering from Ischemic stroke. In the official website, the company makes the following declaration:  ‘We have received regulatory and conditional ethical approvals to commence a ground-breaking Phase I clinical trial in the UK with our lead ReN001 stem cell therapy for disabled stroke patients. We are developing stem cell therapies for a number of other conditions, including peripheral arterial disease and diseases of the retina.’ continue reading…