Some Facts :

  • Bt-Brinjals approved for Cultivation in India by GEAC.
  • No GM food for direct consumption Is available in any supermarket in the EU
  • GM soya and GM corn are used as animal feed or in processed form only
  • The Cartagena Protocol has provisions that prevent Modification of Indigenous varieties of Crops
  • There is really no data available on the effects of the Bt-Toxin on Human beings
  • Eminent scientist and Chairperson of Moleular Biology at University of Caen in France, Gilles-Eric Seralini, pronounced the data submitted by Monsanto-MAHYCO as insufficient and misleading on several counts and the GEAC wanting in diligence.
  • He further hoped we would not turn our people into “lab Rats”

When I read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, I was in school. I was fascinated by the world of genetics and genetic engineering and the prospect of solving major problems related to health and food security with a switch of a gene. Well yeah that was my concept of genetic engineering as a clear-eyed 13-year old. Brave New World hooked me because of what I deemed the author’s fertile imagination. Of course we would be manipulating genes, but that would be for curing cancer or Alzheimer’s, not for creating Alpha or beta babies, carefully selected by an authoritarian government in a high tech avatar of caste or race discrimination. What really hit home was this; in the real world, one may belong to a “lower” caste, or an “inferior” race, but what Nature gave you in a universal draw of lots was still yours, nothing or no one could take that away from you. But in the Brave New World, a nameless group of people with ulterior motives, picked and chose genetic traits and created a whole class of people who could or could not do certain levels of work. So, we had the Intellectuals and the Menials with a seemingly irreversible set of traits “given” not by nature but by man. This was what I believed would never really happen. What the hell are laws for? And are people of Democratic States not aware that “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Democracy”? Then how would such people allow the creation of A Brave New World?  I guess I could be forgiven for such Utopian fantasies, I was just a kid.

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