The MicroKit AIO

One of the most critical aspects of modern medical practice is Accurate, Definitive and Quick diagnosis of a disease. The medical fraternity is increasingly relying upon technology for diagnosing a wide repertoire of diseases, ranging from Cancers to Viral Flu and HIV. Any invention that is able to combine the powerful sequencing and PCR techniques with rapid Analysis and comparison software will be an added tool for Doctors.

One such invention is the MicroKit AIO, that is expected to enter the Markets in the year 2010. The product, which will be launched by Dynamed, is being dubbed as the “lab-in-the-cartridge”. Dyamed will set up a spin-off company to develop and produce a range of new diagnostic products as part of its agreement with Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL), the commercialization arm of Singapore’s A*STAR  (Agency for Science, Technology and Research).


This device is capable of performing Gene extraction within 6 minutes and Gene detection in one hour. It can handle a wide variety of samples including Tissues and Body Fluids. The entire molecular Diagnostic process is performed within a Compact, self-contained, disposable Cartridge that contains all necessary reagents for the process. The device is basically a molecular Diagnostic Real-Time PCR platform and is expected to substantially reduce the time required for diagnosis of Diseases such as H1N1 flu or even Cancers. One can readily grasp the immense significance of a reduced detection time on the Prognosis of a Disease like Cancer.

MicroKit has been designed by researchers at Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN).

bioent776-i1Professor Jackie Y. Ying, IBN Executive Director, who led the scientific team that developed the MicroKit, has envisaged this kit as  speeding up the detection of diseases  like cancer and flu. Early detection will obviously result in better prognosis for the patients as treatment can be started earlier. The kit is easy to operate and can be put to use in screening large numbers of people in order to prevent epidemics.The MicroKit was developed by IBN scientists Guolin Xu, James Hsieh, Daniel Lee and Professor Ying.


Media Release Document of IBN and A*STAR

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